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How does this online pharmacy work?

We offer dispensing services just like any local community pharmacy, the only difference is; we take your orders via the internet or over the phone.

This has the added convenience of being able to place your order at a time to suit you.

We then contact your GP surgery with your order and obtain a prescription.

Once we have collected your prescription our team then dispense your medication and it is delivered to you for free.

Can I order for someone else too?

Yes, but you must make sure that you have their permission first. Within a single account you can add many sub-accounts which means you can easily keep track and order for multiple people, which is great if you are responsible for more than your own prescription.

Can I drop my prescription off and wait for it?

You can drop your prescription into our secure collection box at our premises to be dispensed, however due to the strict regulations of an internet pharmacy we must deliver the prescription to you. You can however nominate an address for your dispensed prescription to be delivered to. Please call us if you would like and advice.

Can I speak to a pharmacist?

Yes of course you can! The duty Pharmacist will be available during opening hours, and you can call us on

01543 379 777 all calls are treated confidentially.

or email: info@118pharmacy.com

Our pharmacists are fully qualified UK registered healthcare professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our pharmacists are able to recognise potential medicine interactions and will inform you if there is ever a problem.

Please note however that strict GPhC regulations prevent us from giving advice face to face at our premises.  

How safe is it to use?

Extremely safe, we follow a strict code of ethics set by our governing body the GPhC. The green cross logo displayed to the left of this page indicates that we are a registered internet pharmacy and that we comply with rules set by the GPhC. We have our own unique registered pharmacy number which can be verified on the GPhC website. All registered pharmacies are regularly inspected by our governing body to ensure we meet all their professional, fitness to practise and ethical standards.

All personal data is kept on a secure database. This information may be shared with your healthcare professionals in order to enable us to manage your healthcare. Any data used for audit and research purposes will not contain any personal information that could be used to identify you.

We do not pass on your details to any other outside organisations. 

Tell me about your stock?

We purchase all our stock from UK registered wholesalers who obtain their stock directly from manufactures. We have up to twice daily deliveries of stock which means we can order and obtain stock very quickly.

Is this all really free?

Yes all prescriptions are delivered for free.

Does this free delivery service cost the NHS any extra money?

No, we trade just like any other registered pharmacy and are paid in exactly the same way as them, based primarily on how many prescriptions we process and dispense. We use this money we make as a business to fund this free delivery service for all our patient’s

Do I need to be in for delivery of my medicines and what happens if I am out?

We provide a nationwide delivery service which means we use a variety of delivery options, at our discretion, including but not limited to our own couriers and Royal Mail. Depending on the delivery method chosen by the pharmacy it is possible that your medicines maybe posted through your door. If you have small children or pets you would need to consider their access to any mail posted.

If you have any special requirements we we advise you call the pharmacy first to see if these requirements can be met.

Remember we can deliver to your convenient location e.g. your work place, but these are upon request and the logistical decision will remain with the pharmacy.

I always have trouble getting my medicines from some Pharmacies how can I trust you to be any better?

We tailor our stock to our patients needs and requirements, in addition we get up to twice daily deliveries of stock, If a medication or appliance is available in the UK market we can source it very quickly. We can even source medications that have to be made especially to order and have direct access to many suppliers that can obtain and procure these medicines efficiently and safely.

Please note: although every effort is made to obtain stock for your requirements, occasionally manufacturers are unable to meet the supply demands of the NHS, in these instances, some medications go out of stock and is outside of our control. We do however try our best to find out how long the delay is likely to last, and try to suggest alternative products that may be used in the interim period.

How long will it take after I order my Meds?

Once your prescription has been received by the pharmacy we usually dispach the medication within 1 working day, however this may be longer depending on the choice of courier service we have used.

It is also worth noting that if there is a medication availabilty issue, the dispach time could be longer.

We advise that if you are urgent for your medication you phone the pharmacy to discuss your requirements

How do I pay?

If you pay for your prescription then you will soon be able to pay securely online or over the phone, however untill this has been setup please pay our driver on delivery. If you have a private prescription then enter your private prescription details online, or ring us for a very competitive quote first. We also accept payments by BACS, please call us for more details if you wish to pay via this method

Can I change my current pharmacy to you?

Yes, all patients have the choice to decide which pharmacy they use, if you want to change to us simply order your prescription from us and we’ll do the rest. It helps if you also inform your surgery however this is not essential as we also do it on your behalf.

I forget to order my meds every month how can you help?

We have a great reminder service where you can get a free text alert, email or call when you are nearing the end of your current supply. You can also use our online system and specify a date up to 2 weeks away for delivery; we then hold your order and automatically process it closer to your delivery date so it’s delivered when you want it and where you want it.

In the interest of saving the NHS valuable resources and reducing medicines waste we kindly request that you only order the medicines that you need.